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3.1.6 Pronunciation [Level AAA]



3.1.6 A mechanism is available for identifying specific pronunciation of words where meaning of the words, in context, is ambiguous without knowing the pronunciation. (Level AAA)Understanding Success Criterion 3.1.6

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Sufficent Techniques

Sufficient Techniques for 3.1.6 - Pronunciation

Note: Other techniques may also be sufficient if they meet the success criterion.

  1. G120: Providing the pronunciation immediately following the word

  2. G121: Linking to pronunciations

  3. G62: Providing a glossary that includes pronunciation information for words that have a unique pronunciation in the content and have meaning that depends on pronunciation

  4. G163: Using standard diacritical marks that can be turned off

  5. H62: Using the ruby element (HTML) (XHTML 1.1)

Advisory Techniques

Advisory Techniques for 3.1.6 - Pronunciation
  • Providing pronunciations in a sound file, so that users can listen to the pronunciations of the word (future link)

  • Providing a mechanism for finding pronunciations for all foreign words in text content (future link)

  • Providing a mechanism to determine the pronunciations of each word or phrase in text content (future link)

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